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Children's Books

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Gymnastics Comeback

Jake Maddox series

As an eighth grader, Suzy has just joined the high school gymnastics team, so she is crushed when she gets injured and can't practice or compete. Meanwhile her mother wishes she wouldn't participate in gymnastics and would focus her efforts on her piano playing instead. Facing pressures from her team, her coach, and her mother, Suzy has to take charge of her own destiny. Can she make a comeback in time to help her team defeat its biggest rival?

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Ling's Giant Mooncake

Ling is famous for his special mooncakes. The local giant decides he wants a mooncake for the Moon Festival, and Ling and the villagers must work together to satisfy his "giant" sweet tooth. 


Ting's Subway Mystery

Ting is fascinated by the elderly woman who always sits across from her on the subway.

When the woman leaves something behind

on the subway, Ting is determined to return

it to her. This mystery fiction book will engage advancing readers while supporting their

journey to independent reading.


Camp Whatchamacallit

It's Sam's first time at camp, and there is a nature scavenger hunt competition. But Sam is allergic to everything outdoors, and he just wants to go home. Can Sam survive the outdoors long enough to win?

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